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Affiliate Slang

That’s why we’ve prepared a small selection that will help newcomers become a full-fledged part of the affiliate community, and old ones to refresh their knowledge.

We will not review here the already understandable terms. But let us reveal the meaning of those that at first glance are difficult to compare with something obvious.

Bid - the rate that the advertiser is willing to pay for a click on his advertisement;

Black list - the so-called “black list”. It includes those sites where it is necessary to exclude advertising displays.

Whitelist - a list of resources where advertising, on the contrary, will be placed. The whitelist is designed to ensure that advertising is displayed strictly on the sites specified in it.

Dep — deposit, replenishment;

Discrepancy - discrepancy in statistics between the sender and recipient of traffic;

Capa - (from the English cap, capping) is the maximum amount of traffic that an advertiser allows affiliates to send in a certain period of time.

Cloak Cloaking is a traffic arbitrage term that refers to a method of deceiving the advertising system by presenting content or pages that differ from what is shown to search engines or audiences. This method can be used to circumvent the rules of advertising platforms or to maximize profits through fraud.

Creos (creatives) are a combination of text and graphic elements, which is the point of contact between the audience and the proposed product/service.

To pour (merge) means to direct the purchased traffic through your affiliate link to a specific offer. For example, “directing betting” means driving traffic to a resource where the user can place bets on sports.

Postback is the process of transferring data about completed actions from one platform to another, for example, from an affiliate network to a tracker or advertising network.

Refka is a referral link containing a unique user identifier and directing to a specific web resource. The user whose link was used to register receives a reward according to the terms of the referral program.

Stata is statistics, the most important tool for the successful activities of an arbitrator. Without competent analytics of running advertising campaigns, the budget risks going down the drain.

Spend is the cost of attracting traffic - the amount that is debited from the account or card balance by the traffic source. The concept of “spend” applies to all sources, with the exception of those that use UBT (sharely free traffic).

A bundle is a combination of source, creative, offer and PP that brings them profit (or doesn’t).

Hold - the period during which the payment requested by the webmaster is withheld. This time is allocated to confirm the target action performed by the client who was brought by the arbitrator. This check is aimed at eliminating the fact of fraud from the web. If everything is in order with the traffic, then the funds are transferred to the webmaster’s account at the end of the hold.