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UPDATE 3.18.0 🚀

• Editing of the creative price is available on the Competitors' Bids page;

• Editing of "Bids by conditions" is available on the page of the list of creatives;

• Added the ability to sort creatives on the "Competitor Bids" page by CPM or "Reach";

• The ability to filter traffic on the "Competitors' Bids" page by "Site category" has been introduced;

• Minor interface improvements have been made on the Reports page;

• Implemented automatic splitting of values when inserting a list into a filter on the lists page and on the Reports page;

• More convenient sorting/grouping of campaign categories has been implemented to reduce the user's search time;

• Automatic selection of graph details has been improved on the Dashboard and Reports pages;

• Bugfixes of different difficulty levels have been produced;