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Cosmic ROI of Black Friday

One of the “golden” events of the year in the world of all marketing is coming. And, of course, the entire affiliate industry is already at a low start.

We think you’ve already guessed that we’ll be talking about Black Friday — a great reason to sign up for a profit and grab more conversions.

Millions of people around the world are waiting to make their desired purchases at a reduced price. In addition, at this time people tend to impulsively spend money, even on things that are not on their planned wish list.
We have prepared a small checklist in which we will tell you how to use this information guide, uploading to adult and not only, and subsequently maximize your profit.
We will also show examples of how to create a converting visual using the tools of our OctoClick advertising network. Let’s go!
☑ Start preparing your campaigns as early as possible.
It is necessary to plan campaigns in advance — this is an important point. The revival of buyers begins at least a week in advance. Don’t delay developing good offers; leave yourself some time to fix any problems that arise.
☑ Get ready to increase your budget.
On this day, everyone is ready to spend money, and we don’t recommend you to be greedy either :) During the period of peak online shopping, competition becomes fiercer. Raise your rates to get your share of traffic. Anticipating the following questions, let us clarify that the cost per impression will definitely increase, but the conversion will not remain on the sidelines. Your advertising will become more convertible due to a spontaneous increase in users’ willingness to make purchases at an attractive price.
☑ Prepare high-quality creatives.
Black Friday is the time to go all out. Analyze all the creatives you’ve used before and don’t skimp on resources to create vibrant and exciting visuals. On this day, users everywhere will see many interesting offers, and you need to try to win their attention so that your offer does not remain scrolled.
You can always go for a win-win and turn to custom In-Page Push templates inside our OctoClick advertising network.
Try using Black Friday symbols in your creatives.
This way you will immediately attract attention, and your offer will not remain ignored before the user even looks at the price.
Use emoji to make your offer more noticeable, our templates also allow this.
You can also show your imagination in adult and thus use Black Friday to attract the desired audience.

Be generous.
The reason Black Friday exists is that users have the opportunity to make purchases on the most favorable terms. It also happens that the attractiveness of a benefit on a product becomes a more motivating factor than the need to purchase.
Offer hot discounts.
Often on Black Friday you can see offers with discounts from 50 to 80 percent, and therefore it is quite obvious that a small benefit will be lost in such an abundance of offers. Don’t forget about other nice perks, for example, favorable delivery conditions, gifts, etc. Take advantage of all the benefits that are available on the offers you know.
Don’t forget to remind people that your offer is limited — after all, such an event only happens once a year. In a hurry, people are subconsciously ready to buy everything in their path, and can even accept any crossed out price as a super discount, even if the same price was before.
But we don’t recommend abusing it :)
After all, some people don’t mind spending five minutes of their time and looking for the same product from competitors. If someone else’s offer turns out to be more pleasant, then you can say goodbye to the conversion.
The degree of market overheating should be adequately assessed.
☑ Play on users’ fears.
On Black Friday, people are afraid of one thing — missing out.
You’ve probably already seen a bunch of offers with glowing red numbers, countdowns and something else like that.
And if in normal times such tricks hardly surprise anyone, given their widespread use, then during Black Friday all trump cards are good. People don’t have time to get annoyed about this. You can also motivate the user by paying attention to the quantitative limitations of the offer. Feel free to use these techniques.
So, the hot battle will begin very soon, and therefore we wish you good luck, and we hope that our advice and tools will help you achieve explosive growth in profits.
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