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Adult vertical: how to earn money like an adult?

The OctoClick advertising network has been an indispensable guide for traffic arbitrage specialists into the world of the adult vertical for 6 years.
The adult industry is distinguished by its own characteristics; it has its own techniques and methods with the help of which brave and unencumbered specialists effectively offer 18+ offers designed to conquer the adult audience.
In this article, we will look at why the adult segment in affiliate marketing is so attractive, dive into the intricacies associated with the promotion and monetization of adult content and services, reveal the advantages of the vertical, and also give useful advice to beginners and professionals.

Why adult?

This industry has long established itself as a profitable area.
With the development of the Internet, it has become increasingly accessible, and the demand for adult content is steadily growing. Besides:
  • Regardless of economic fluctuations, this demand remains stable. Adult audiences are always looking for a variety of entertainment and products related to the intimate sphere;
  • The target audience is quite wide, including men and women of a huge range of ages and sociocultural groups;
  • Adult content, products and services are less subject to seasonal fluctuations, which makes this vertical stable unlike some others;
  • Within the adult vertical, there are many different offers, from webcam sites and dating platforms to the sale of sex toys and pharmaceutical products. This is a huge field of opportunity to increase profits. Let’s take a closer look:

Adult offers:

The adult vertical is represented by a wide variety of offers covering various market segments. The most popular of them:
Adult Dating — applications and sites for online dating with the goal of finding partners for casual sexual encounters, as well as like-minded people according to sexual preferences. These services allow users to create profiles, upload photos, and indicate their relationship preferences
Users explore the profiles of other participants and get acquainted with candidates they are interested in.
Webcam is a streaming platform where models perform erotic shows in real time and interact with viewers. Adult webcam shows usually feature a variety of activities and acts that the models perform on camera, which viewers can watch and interact with the models through chat. Viewers have the opportunity to send tips (tokens, coins, etc.) to models in exchange for performing certain actions or requests.
Adult Content — porn sites that offer collaboration.
Adult games are computer or mobile games containing content related to sexual and erotic elements. Their characteristics can range from more explicit and sexual plots and scenes to games that focus on character interaction and relationship development. They come in a variety of genres, including visual novels, adventure games, and more.
Nutra Adult is part of the adult vertical that specializes in selling products and tools aimed at improving sexual health and satisfaction. These products may include a variety of dietary supplements (dietary supplements), drugs, creams and other products that promise to increase potency, improve erection, increase libido and so on.
There is a separate segment in the industry that produces models on the OnlyFans platform. As part of this activity, producers manage and promote models’ profiles.
Thus, arbitrage traders specializing in the adult vertical have access to an abundance of offers that will allow them to significantly increase their potential income.
The most convenient way to search for offers in the adult sphere is to cooperate with affiliate programs. They have information about reliable companies and interesting products, and also provide guarantees of payment for the work done.

What about geo?

The choice of geo for the adult vertical depends on several factors, including the target audience, specific offers and more. However, some regions and countries tend to be popular for adult traffic due to less stringent legal restrictions and high demand.
The US and Canadian markets, for example, are among the largest for adult content, and many companies in this industry are focused on this audience.
Countries such as Spain, Romania and the Netherlands are among the European countries where adult content is regulated relatively freely.
Some countries in Latin America may also be suitable for the Gulf
Asian markets have stricter laws, but demand still exists there.
But there is a downside to these popular geos: high competition.
For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the geographical markets of the second and third levels (Tier-2 and Tier-3), especially for beginners in this niche. The competition here is not so fierce, users are showing interest in the adult industry, which generally makes these markets attractive.
For example, in the Latin American region it may be Argentina and Brazil, in Asia — Turkey, the UAE and Egypt, and in the CIS — Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia.
You can find out more about traffic volumes and its geographical distribution in our section https://panel.octoclick.com/traffic .

Target audience

The main criterion of clients in adult, as well as everywhere else, is their financial ability. If users become regular visitors to certain services and sources of entertainment (and at the same time they sincerely enjoy the content provided), then they are ready to regularly invest in meeting their needs.
The overwhelming audience is men (80%). Offers are most often designed for people from 25 to 45 years old. But do not forget about women: they are less likely to arrange additional paid services and spend less on average, but they are more active in installing applications and confirming mail, if we talk about dating.

Formats and creos

It happens that when a specialist launches an advertising campaign, he discovers an unexpected and successful combination of an offer and an advertising format. Or vice versa :)
In turn, we recommend turning to proven advertising formats that have already proven their effectiveness in the adult vertical. Here are some of them:
  • In-Page Push.
  • The upgraded push advertising format. Noticeable, but unobtrusive.
  • It is a banner in the form of a short message or notification, usually sent to users’ mobile devices or computers through web browsers or mobile applications. Such a notification may contain text, an image, a link, and even an audio signal.
  • The difference from standard push notifications is that the user does not need to additionally agree to receive notifications on the site in order to see ads in this format, which is a great advantage.
  • Native advertising.
  • An advertising format that integrates naturally into the content of a publication or website. It is created in such a way as to blend in with the surrounding content and not stand out as a typical advertisement. Native advertising aims to provide the user with a more organic and unobtrusive perception of the message.
  • Clickunder.
  • This format implies that an advertising window or pop-up advertisement automatically appears under the user’s current browser window when clicking on an element of the website or when trying to close a tab. The user discovers this advertisement only after interacting with the website.
  • Popunder (Popunder).
  • It is very similar to the format above, but it appears automatically in a new window under the page you are viewing.

What about creatives?

Creativity, of course, is one of the key elements on which 50% of the success of an advertising campaign depends.
If we talk about dating, it is important to create a creative that is as close as possible to ordinary communication.
It is recommended to use photos of real people. It is also important to develop a header that resembles a friendly messenger message. The closer your creative is to a message from a real person, and not to a regular mass mailing, the higher the probability of a successful conversion.
When developing a creative, it is not shameful to be inspired by competitors and study their advertising solutions.
However, it is important to avoid using identical images that have already been used by others.
Agree that if, for example, a user receives the same messages from the same “girl”, just because several arbitrators have launched campaigns with the same creatives on the same advertising network, nothing good will happen. Such a perception can cause a negative reaction and is unlikely to lead to conversion.
You can also specify the city where each user is located. This is a great way to show that a potential couple is very close, not at a distance.
(To do this, it is enough to include the {CITY} macro in the title or text of the message, and the system will automatically add the corresponding city name to the notification.)
In general, we recommend paying special attention to the combination of colors and fonts, follow the rules for placing elements.
And, of course, don’t forget about Call to action.

Where to get traffic?

Adult traffic sources can be divided into two main categories: paid and free.
These can be public and social media accounts, as well as messenger channels where you can create and publish 18+ content and place ads.
These platforms allow users to create and distribute content independently.
If we talk about paid traffic sources that pay for themselves with the greatest convenience of use, as well as high convertibility, then without too much modesty (since we are talking about adults) we advise you to pay attention to our advertising network.
We provide traffic from direct publishers. The sites are constantly updated, which means regular updates of the target audience.
We provide our users with proven and effective tools, flexible targeting settings, fast moderation and more.
And, of course, we cannot but pay tribute to our caring and prompt support.
If you want to learn more about the working conditions on the platform, then write to our manager @valery_octoclick, and he will be happy to help you discover the world of high ROI.


Despite some obstacles in the promotion of adult offers (after all, this is a gray market), it is indeed a very profitable vertical.
And if you are brave enough to dive into the adult industry market, then we hope that these tips will help you achieve high conversion and stable profit!